King's Junior School Swimming Pool

A new swimming pool for Junior King's School

The Junior King’s School is an independent prep school near Canterbury. In 2018 were commissioned to undertake a masterplan of their beautiful 80-acre estate.

One of the school’s ambitions is to replace its outdoor 18m swimming pool with a new indoor 25m, 6-lane swimming pool. This would allow the school to use the pool all year round and run swimming lessons and clubs, both for its pupils and for other visiting local schools. The senior school currently offers swimming lessons and is fully subscribed, meaning that they need to turn other local schools away. The new building would therefore help cater for the local demand for swimming lessons.

The school is located in a Conservation Area and Area of High Landscape Value, with most of its grounds also in Flood Zones 2 and 3, and some areas in a ‘Green Gap’ (similar to Green Belt) designation, so consultation with the local authority and school needs to ensure we find the right position that works for everyone.


ClientThe Junior King's School, Canterbury