04 Feb 2021

Newnham Nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award

It is an honour that our project at Newnham College is nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2022.

This shortlisting is highly significant as, unlike most architectural awards, it is not possible to apply for the Mies Van Der Rohe Award: candidates are put forward by a group of independent experts for the most prestigious architectural award in Europe and one of the most coveted in the world.

Cindy called the nomination ‘a source of tremendous pride and joy, testament to the vision of an extraordinary client and the efforts of a truly great team.’

449 works are nominated, from 279 cities, and in 41 countries.

From the EU Mies website:

Architecture is a slow process that adapts to social, political and economic changes.

The Prize takes this statement into account and pursues the following objectives:
— to recognise and commend excellence in European architecture in conceptual, social, cultural, technical and constructive terms
— to highlight the European city as a model for the sustainably smart city, contributing to a sustainable European economy
— to promote transnational architectural commissions throughout Europe and abroad
— to increase the incorporation of architectural professionals from the EU Member States and those countries that conclude an agreement with the EU
— to cultivate future clients and promoters
— to find business opportunities in a broader global market
— to highlight the involvement of the European Union in supporting architecture as an important element that reflects both the diversity of European architectural expression and its role as a unifying element to define a common European culture.