Jigsaw Nursery Wandsworth

Simple fit-out to provide much-needed daycare within a high-density residential development

Walters & Cohen’s third school for Jigsaw Day Nurseries forms part of the St George riverside development in Wandsworth. The space leased by Jigsaw is on the ground floor of a residential block alongside shops and restaurants.

Walters & Cohen created a new day nursery around a series of home bases, which are set away from the existing external walls. The walls of these ‘pods’ are formed by a number of different elements, such as pivoted doors that help to create flexible space. The pods can be closed down to create small home bases or can be opened up to create a variety of different spaces, accommodating children of all ages in small or large groups for a range of different activities.

The unit leased by Jigsaw had some areas with very high ceilings, which allowed the creation of a mezzanine floor for adult teaching as well as staff welfare. Natural materials were used for the interior: the pods are clad in birch-faced ply and the colours are soft and muted. Underfloor heating is used throughout and a simple lighting scheme creates different effects in various areas of the interior.


ClientJigsaw Day Nurseries

Total value£480,000

CompletionNov 1999

Area750 m2

ContractorTotal Construction

Structural engineerBarton Engineers Ltd

Building ServicesTotal Construction