Caister Academy Masterplan


Caister Academy is a school for approx. 670 pupils aged 11-16. And what lucky pupils: the school is located on the Norfolk coastline and backs onto a beautiful sandy beach.

Established in 1950, Caister is a school embedded in its community and has developed a specialism in literature and the performing arts. It joined the Creative Education Trust (CET) in 2015, and in 2020 CET asked us to come up with a masterplan that improves movement around the school's dense collection of buildings and refreshes the learning environment.

Key challenges

- Pull the aesthetic together to unite buildings of different eras and architectural styles

- Create an entrance for visitors and students that is safe, clear and welcoming

- Design spaces for learning and socialising that offer more variety to pupil, inside and out

- Remove mobile classrooms long past their best

- Make the most of the relationship with the sea

We presented three options to the client team, who agreed unanimously on a new entrance block and relocating the library so that it becomes a beacon of learning with inspiring views out to sea.


ClientCreative Education Trust & Caister Academy

Work undertakenWinter 2020