Lucia Toribio


Growing up with architects for parents, it was inevitable that Lucia would follow in their footsteps. After studying architecture at the University of Manchester she spent the summer of 2018 at a practice in Madrid, honing her design skills on a student accommodation project.

Lucia returned to London for her Part 1 where she discovered the joy of restoring historical houses. She later joined BDP, and in 2019 started an MA at the London School of Architecture; this included a conceptual project creating elderly care homes in obsolete architecture, such as gasholders. She completed her Part 3 in 2022 at the University of Westminster.

Michál happened to give a tutorial at the LSA, which led Lucia to Walters & Cohen. She joined in August 2021 and worked with Tim on the link project at Magdalen College School. She is currently working on projects at Wycombe Abbey.

Lucia Toribio photograph