Kieran Chan

Architectural assistant

Kieran studied architecture at the University of Kent. After graduating in 2016, he joined Purcell for his Part 1 to work on historic and sensitive buildings such as the Palace of Westminster, as well as returning to Canterbury for projects at the Cathedral.

Following this, he worked at Make on a commercial building in the City of London, designing the ‘red thread’ - a journey through the building from entrance to office floor. He undertook his Part 2 at the London School of Architecture, graduating in 2021, and joined Jestico + Whiles to work on a new secondary school in Reading. Through these experiences he gained excellent 3D modelling skills and knowledge of the education sector.

Kieran takes an interest in engaging with local communities. During his time at Jestico + Whiles he enjoyed taking part in outreach programmes with the social enterprise Matt+Fiona and is keen to continue encouraging the next generation of aspiring designers.

Kieran joined us in March 2023 and once again finds himself back in Canterbury: he is currently working with Rob on a new nursery and conversion of an old pub at Junior King’s School.

Kieran Chan photograph