15 Jun 2016

Vajrasana's Opening Weekend

This was a very special Bank Holiday weekend for Walters & Cohen as the Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat welcomed neighbours, Buddhists and all who were involved in the project to its official opening.

We were delighted to hear so many positive comments from those visiting for the first time, and observe people’s reactions to the different spaces: the Sangha courtyard and communal rooms were full of chatter and laughter, and as people progressed to the more spiritual part of the retreat even non-Buddhists could appreciate the awe of the shrine room and became quieter and more contemplative. We were blessed with good weather that allowed us to eat lunch in the Sangha courtyard and take part in the stirring dedication ceremony around the Stupa.

The day belonged to those who have worked so hard during the project, especially architects Cindy and Lucrezia, and clients Maitrivajri and the others at the London Buddhist Centre. Cindy said, ‘Everyone involved in this project gave it their all and worked in the spirit of collaboration; this dedication really shows. We could not have wished for a more challenging and rewarding project, and are proud to have created such a unique and delightful place for those coming on retreat.’