14 Jan 2021

The Future of Education Design

In November Michál took part in a webinar on The Future of Education Design.

Organised by Steelcase, the star-studded line up of experts included Richard Leonard from Hayball and Takaharu Tezuka from Tezuka Architects. Since they are based in Sydney and Japan, it’s the first time Michál has been part of a lecture at 7.30am!

The team discussed lessons learnt in lockdown: that blended learning can take the best of both worlds in terms of digital and real-life education; that flexible spaces help maximise safety while keeping the focus on student learning and choice; and that a variety of good indoor and outdoor spaces benefit wellbeing.

The panel ended with an optimistic look at the pandemic as a catalyst for change: a chance to open people’s eyes to new ideas for learning environments that truly help students thrive.