15 Feb 2017

Official Opening at The Shaftesburys

The official opening of our building for Gascoigne Primary School took place on Wednesday 08 February. The Mayor of Barking and Dagenham cut the ribbon, there was a performance of traditional Albanian dancing, and Chico Slimani (of X Factor fame) got the pupils moving with his new fitness regime. The pupils, who have been in the school since September, spoke about what they like in the new building:

'The corridors are wide and full of light. We have large windows where people passing by can see what is happening in class. We always keep our doors open as we like having lots of visitors to our classrooms.

The greatest thing of all is the rooftop play area, which is enormous, for all the children to amuse themselves and play cooperatively with each other. It was strange when I first arrived but now I am used to it. My school life here is truly enchanting and more adventurous.' - Maryam

'Life at the Shaftesburys is really great. It has everything we need. There is a massive playground on the roof where we play many games. We also have play decks which we use for P.E. when it is wet and at lunchtimes.' - Lorik

'In all the hustle and bustle, I nearly forgot to admire the incredible building. My jaw dropped.' - Mide