24 Mar 2016

Fundraising for Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat

For one week in March, Walters & Cohen became a little bit Buddhist. In order to fundraise for the retreat, we gave up one modern dependency or form of digital input, such as television, social media, music, an app or online newspaper addiction in order to create a bit of breathing space. Huge congratulations to Cindy Walters who managed without her phone from Monday to Friday!

Many thanks to our client, Maitrivajri, who joined us for two lunchtimes to explain some of the key Buddhist principles and teach two forms of meditation.

So far we have raised £400. Vajrasana is busy all year round, with retreats for young women, men, families and those dealing with stress, addiction and depression. The London Buddhist Centre also run retreats for carers based in their community of Tower Hamlets, giving those who support their unwell loved ones a complete break from their caring responsibilities and strategies to help reduce stress.

The photos from a recent site visit include one of the sun filtering into the shrine room through the jali wall.