15 Aug 2019

Exciting News from the Archiboo Web Awards

We like our website. I’d like to think you do too, because here you are, looking at it.

Last year, Ten4 Design worked with us to develop the new look. They were creative, friendly and patient, which was a useful approach when dealing with our naïve questions and quibbles. So we are delighted to be shortlisted in four categories for the Archiboo Web Awards:

Best Home Page – created by Ten4 Design

Best Architectural Photography – images by Dennis Gilbert

Best Written Content – by Lucy Keens

Best Overall Experience – created by Ten4 Design

Thank you, Ten4! And to Dennis, who has photographed at least 50 of our buildings in the last twenty years. We didn’t even have a website when he started, just a slide machine and a captive audience. How things change.

Winners will be announced on 01 October.