17 Dec 2019

Cindy Appointed Chair of the Architecture Foundation

We are delighted to announce that Cindy Walters is the new chair of the Architecture Foundation.

The foundation was established in 1991 as the UK’s first independent architecture centre. Cindy is the fifth chair, following Richard Rogers, Will Alsop, Brian Clarke and Simon Allford, and first female chair in its history.

Her new role was unveiled in the Architects’ Journal and at an Architecture Foundation party yesterday. From the AJ:

‘The organisation seeks to enliven the conversation about architecture and urbanism in London through public outreach, competitions and exhibitions, supporting up-and-coming architects and providing a platform for leading architects from around the world.

‘Walters said: ‘The recent revival of the Architecture Foundation’s fortunes is a tribute to Simon Allford’s dynamic stewardship. He took on the role of chair at a moment when the loss of public funding presented the AF with a real existential crisis and without his initiative and vision it would certainly have struggled to survive.

‘Not only has it survived but, under Ellis Woodman’s direction, the AF has gone on to enjoy a period of fantastic productivity and impact. I am delighted to be taking over as chair of an organisation that is in such good health and very much looking forward to helping support it in the future.’

Congratulations, Cindy!