20 Jul 2017

An Evening at Lord's

Jamie enthusiastically attempted to explain the rules of cricket in a teatime presentation. Architects are so used to poring over building regulations that grasping the idiosyncrasies of cricket shouldn’t pose a problem, surely?

He was met with confusion. A doosra, not a loosener. So in order to understand what really goes on, the office visited the Home of Cricket on a rosy Thursday evening to see the T20 derby between Middlesex and Surrey. With the home-side in control from the first ball, it appeared that the match might not live up to the high levels of excitement and debauchery promised to entice reluctant attendees.

But it did. Middlesex’s one-wicket victory was as tight and rousing a finish as possible. We witnessed more pyrotechnics than batting technique, enjoyed more straights than straight bats, and saw several enormous sixes (including one that broke a fan’s phone).

One Italian colleague spent the weekend discussing batting averages and over rates. If that isn’t the sign of a successful evening, we would like to see what is.