13 Jun 2024

A New Fan for Ailsa's Quartet

For years, Ailsa’s violin has spent a lot of time in the office, but only ever in silence, waiting patiently to be taken to monthly quartet practice sessions. So we were very excited when Ailsa invited fellow quartet members Julian, Maria and Helen to our office and treated us to a performance of Beethoven’s op. 74. It was an absolute joy to hear, and to see Ailsa in her element.

However, one audience member felt that music should be a more interactive experience. After watching in fascination, Kaiya circled the group a few times before making herself at home on the cello bag. Her curiosity of the cello continued with an attempted sniff, thwarted by a well-timed sonorous note. It’s a cheerful piece of music but has probably never been performed with an interlude of giggles.